So, underwear—pretty self-explanatory, right? Nope! Wrong! I mean, you’ve surely got the basics more or less down (leg in one hole, other leg in the other hole, pull up, and, uh, that’s it) but there are actually a bunch of other issues going on with your underwear that you had no idea even existed.

Who knew something like underwear could be so complex, right? Fortunately, Cheyenne knows exactly what’s up with underwear and how you should be wearing it, and she’s here to share her wisdom with you. So, check out this video to see the surprising underwear mistakes you’re probably making.

Have you ever dated someone whose best friend didn’t like you? Share in the comments!

5 Signs Your Bae’s BFF Hates You

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  • libertyanyday

    how come women need constant lessons and eternal pump me up notes………..underwear.. How come men dont have these edumicational videos??