When it comes to sexual education in America, things could certainly be a lot better than they are. Sure, there are some schools that do a thorough job of teaching students about sex and sexual health, but there are many that only do the bare minimum… and then there are the programs that push abstinence-only education. This is where students are taught that abstinence – AKA choosing not to have sex – is the best way to prevent pregnancy, STDs, and more. And, of course, this is true – not having sex is the best way to avoid sex-related incidents. But studies have shown that an abstinence-only education is not the best way to teach students about sex, because it leaves out so much important information, and… well, I’ll let you watch the video. This week, Cheyenne discusses why abstinence-only education can be so dangerous. Of course, this doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with choosing not to have sex – it just means everyone should be taught the correct info. Check it out and tell us what you think!

Written & Directed by: Jamie Petitto
Instagram: HeyJamie
Twitter: JamiePetitto

Host: Cheyenne Grogan
Instagram: Cheyenne.Grogan
Twitter: CheyenneGrogan

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