From magazines to websites to conversations with friends, there are tons of sex tips out there that people are just waiting to share. Some of them (especially ones from, just saying, just saying) are genuinely helpful and great. Unfortunately, most of them are… not so great. They’re either obvious and lame, or they’re way too over-the-top to actually work IRL. So, we’re filling you in on the truth by telling you which sex tips are total fails. The most frustrating thing is that most of these are really, really common – and you definitely shouldn’t be trying them at home. Let Cheyenne school you on what’s right and what’s wrong by watching our newest video. You’re welcome!

Written & Directed by: Jamie Petitto
Instagram: HeyJamie
Twitter: JamiePetitto

Host: Cheyenne Grogan
Instagram: Cheyenne.Grogan
Twitter: CheyenneGrogan

Which one of these sex tips is your favorite? Have you ever tried any? Share in the comments!

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