Denim jeans are a classic wardrobe staple, but don’t you feel like they can get a little bit boring sometimes? Of course, you could go out and spend a lot of money on a brand new pair of jeans that include embroidered patches or crazy colors, but those kinds of trendy pieces can be pricey and typically don’t last very long. Why not make your own? Grab an old pair of jeans you rarely wear anymore, and turn them into something new and fun and colorful. This week, Jamie shows us how to make pretty painted jeans you’ll want to wear every single day. Watch the video and then start crafting!

Old Jeans
Paint & Paintbrush
Step 1: Splatter Paint Jeans
Step 2: Paint Flower Branches
Step 3: Paint Flowers
Step 4: Paint Leaves

For Embroidery:
Needle & Thread

Step 1: Write Word On Jeans
Step 2: Sew Over Word

Are you going to try this craft? What kind of DIY projects do you want to see? Tell us in the comments!

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