Dating is weird. Not only can it be super confusing and frustrating, but you also get inundated with a ton of love advice that can feel super overwhelming after a while. On top of that, we all have high expectations and unrealistic goals based on what we see online and in movies and TV shows. But not everything can be perfect, and that’s okay! Which brings us to the whole point of this video – Cheyenne is getting real about the harsh dating truths that no one ever wants to really admit. Even if people don’t want to talk about them, though, they’re still super important to keep in mind for having a healthy relationship. Don’t agree? Or maybe you do! Either way, tell us about it in the comments below after watching!

Do you agree or disagree with these? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments!


6 Important Facts About Squirting

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  • Nicholas Price

    god she is annoying, dial down the melodrama