Pins are having a super trendy moment right now for a reason – they’re so cute to look at, they’re fun to play around with, and they make any outfit look so much cooler. Pins are so versatile! You can use them to make a denim or leather jacket more fun, put them on a shirt, or even pin them to your favorite handbag. Unfortunately, they can also be a little pricey for something that can get lost so easily… so why not make your own? This week, Jamie shows us how to make the most adorable DIY pins, which is a lot more simple than you may have thought. Copy Jamie’s designs, or find whichever designs you like the most. Then start decorating!

Permanent Marker
Hot Glue or Strong Super Glue
Acrylic Paints (Watered Down) & Paintbrush
Baking Tray Lined w/ Parchment Paper
Plastic Shrink Film
Pin Backs

Step 1: Create Pin Design
Step 2: Trace Pin Design
Step 3: Paint Pin Desig
Step 4: Retrace Pin Design
Step 5 Bake Pin Design (follow instructions on package)
Step 6: Attach Design to Pin

Are you going to try this tutorial? What kind of pin do you want to make? What kind of craft would you love to see? Let us know in the comments.


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