Great news – CHEYENNE IS BACK! One of our favorite video hosts has returned for one of our favorite series (we used to call this Sexy Times, just FYI), and we’re thrilled about it. We’re also starting with a bang: Cheyenne will be talking about the weird things your period does to your body, and she isn’t holding back. As it turns out, PMS isn’t only about cramping, bloating, and feeling sleepy. There are so many other strange things that can happen that you might not even realize are a result of having or getting your period. Watch the video to find out what wacky things menstruation can do to you, and then tell us the weirdest PMS story you’ve experienced. We want to hear them all!

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Written & Directed by Jamie Petitto
Instagram: HeyJamie
Twitter: JamiePetitto

Host: Cheyenne Grogan
Instagram: Cheyenne.Grogan
Twitter: CheyenneGrogan

Which part of this video was your favorite? What weird side effects do you experience during your period? Tell us int he comments!

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