One of the cutest ways to decorate your room is to add a floor pouf. They’re cute and give off a casual, kind of boho vibe, and they’re also functional – they can act as an ottoman, a makeshift seat, or just a piece of décor. Unfortunately, poufs can also be pretty expensive. Even heading to a discounted furniture or home décor store can sell them for around $50. So, why not make your own? This week, Jamie shows us how to make our own floor poufs. This craft is a little bit more complicated than some of others, and you definitely need sewing experience, but the end result is well worth it. And it’s versatile! Feel free to take this basic tutorial and use it however you want. Check it out now!

1-2 yards fabric
-inch wide piping cord
Needle & Thread
Sewing Pins
Ruler or Yardstick
Pillow Filler (or Beanbag Filler)
Zipper (optional)

Step 1: Create Top & Bottom Circles
Step 2: Attach Piping to Circles
Step 3: Create & Attach Side
Step 4: Sew Up Side
Step 5: Add Pillow Filler

Are you going to make your own floor pouf? Let us know in the comments!

Do It, Gurl – DIY Owl Pouch

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