This week, Jamie is showing us how to make a DIY zip pouch that looks like an owl (it’s basically the cutest thing ever). This craft isn’t just adorable, it’s actually really helpful. Zip pouches are more useful than you think! They’re perfect for adding some organization to a big bag – you can store your smaller items inside the pouch so they don’t get lost with everything else. They’re also great to use as a small clutch when you’re going out and don’t want to carry around a heavy handbag. Zip pouches make amazing makeup bags, coin purses, tampon holders… they can be whatever you want! Check out the video above to make your own cute owl pouch ASAP.

7” Zipper
Needle & Thread (this can also be done with hot glue/fabric glue)
Jump Rings & Clasp

Step 1: Create Pouch Body
Step 2: Add Pouch Designs
Step 3: Sew Pieces to Zipper
Step 4: Add Pouch Handle
Step 5: Sew Pouch Together

Are you going to make this zip pouch? What kind of craft do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments!

Do It, Gurl – DIY Hook Rack

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