The new year is the perfect time for a new start. Instead of doing something too drastic, why not just try getting more clean and organized? You can start off with something small – a kickass laundry basket that you’ll actually want to show off. In this week’s video, Jamie shows us how to take an old, boring laundry basket, and turn it into something trendy and unique. This is perfect if you live in a dorm room and everybody sees your laundry basket whenever you go to the laundry room, but it also makes for great room décor no matter where you are. And it’s actually practical, which is a huge plus. Follow Jamie’s instructions in the video, but feel free to get creative and do any colors or words you want. Make it personal! A laundry basket never looked so cool, tbh.

Laundry Basket
Paint & Paintbrush
Hot Glue / Strong Super Glue
Letter Stencils (or Adhesive Letters)
Thin Rope (Cotton Fiber Braided Clothesline 7/32”)

Step 1: Wrap Rope Around Basket
Step 2: Paint Rope
Step 3: Add Text to Rope

Are you going to make this laundry basket? What kind of craft do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments!

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