During this season of Do It, Gurl, we showed you guys how to make cozy slipper socks and trendy, off-the-shoulder tops, gave you ideas on how to update your favorite beanie, and helped make you feel more comfortable with the cutest reading nook, among other things. Now that the season has come to an end, we want to celebrate by celebrating… you guys, our awesome viewers who leave the best comments (that we honestly do read through). We’re highlighting some of our amazing fans with our own version of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Mean Tweets segment – DIG’s Sweet Tweets.

Instead of having Jamie read mean comments about herself, she’s reading the sweetest/funniest comments we’ve gotten on videos this season. Okay, yes, they aren’t from Twitter, they’re from YouTube, so they aren’t tweets, but… you get it. Instead of promoting hate, let’s promote love. We’re highlighting some of your best comments this past season as a reminder of how much we care about what YOU think. Watch to see if you’re featured, then stay tuned for our new craft video coming next week – hint: it’s full of holiday cheer and warmth.

Did you leave any comments you think should have been featured? What was your favorite video this season? Tell us in the comments.


Do It, Gurl – DIY Hook Rack

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