No offense, but if you don’t have a cozy canopy nook in your house, you’re not living your best life. Sure, your bed might be super cozy and comfy, and yeah, maybe there’s a couch in your house that has the best sitting spot. But your own little nook is superior to both of those things. A cute canopy space just for you gives you a quiet, relaxing spot to do whatever you want, whether that’s napping, reading, watching Netflix on your iPad, or just hanging out alone when you need some peace and quiet. And while a canopy nook on the floor might look like something straight out of an Urban Outfitters catalog, it’s actually not very difficult to create on your own. This week, Jamie shows us how to easily make our own comfy space that will make everything better. Check out the video to create your own!

Canopy Draping (tulle, curtains, blankets, sheets, etc.)
Decorative Lighting
Sewing Pins
Canopy Top Ring (hula hoop, craft wire, clear tubing, etc.)

Step 1: Hang Canopy Top
Step 2: Add Canopy Draping
Step 3: Add Soft Lighting

Are you going to make this cozy nook space? What kind of crafts do you want to see next? Tell us in the comments.


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