Fall and winter are seasons that are affectionately known as “sweater weather,” but we like to think of them as something different: beanie weather. It might not rhyme or have a ring to it, but beanies are arguably one of the best things about colder weather. You can throw one on when your hair looks terrible and wear it all day with no questions asked, which means you can go longer without washing your hair without looking greasy! Always a plus. In this video, Jamie shows us how to make the most of our beanies, even the old boring ones in the back of our closets. Don’t throw them away, update them! These are three adorable ways to fix your boring beanie in this video, and we bet you’ll want to try all of them. And they’re so easy that you definitely can. Check ’em out, and tell us which option is your favorite in the comments below.


For Gems:
Strong Glue

For Text:

Iron-On Letters

For Animal Ears:
Strong Fabric Glue or a Needle & Thread

Which one of these beanie updates is your favorite? What kind of craft do you want to see? Let us know in the comments.

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