Making your own jewelry that involves more than some embroidery floss and maybe a charm or two can seem really intimidating. It can sometimes seem like something you’re better off leaving to the DIY pros, like Etsy shop owners or Pinterest craft stars. But making elaborate jewelry really isn’t as hard as you think, and we can prove that with these beautiful pieces of DIY druzy jewelry. You’ve probably seen druzy jewelry before – it’s usually a colorful stone with a rough-looking textured surface and some glimmer, and it’s super popular right now. Druzy jewelry is versatile and beautiful, but it can get pretty pricey. So, this week, Jamie is going to show you how to make your own gorgeous druzy pieces, and the steps are so much easier than you think. It doesn’t even involve stones! Intrigued? Watch the video to find out her secrets!

Jewelry Pendants, any kind
Jewelry Accessories, from chain to clasps to jump rings
Clear-drying craft glue, like Mod Podge
Paint and Paintbrush
And Druzy filling. (Glitter, broken glass, sugar glass, etc.)

Step 1: Prep Druzy Filler
Step 2: Glue in Druzy
Step 3: Design Your Jewelry

Are you going to make this? What kind of tutorials do you want to see? Fill us in in the comments.


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