Blanket scarves are available enough that you really don’t need to make one – but why not do it anyway? Making your own scarf ensures that it will be totally unique to you, and sometimes it’s nice to wear something that you know no one else will be wearing! Also, gift giving season is right around the corner, and nothing is more heartfelt than giving someone a homemade gift, especially when it’s a cozy scarf like this one. So, follow along this week as Jamie shows us how to make an adorable and very simple blanket scarf. She’s also showing us a few ways to wear the scarf, since this particular piece can be a little bit confusing. It’s so big that it’s hard to figure out how to tie it in such a way that it doesn’t completely overtake your outfit. Luckily, these style tips will save you from that! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Fraying Tool (safety pin, seam ripper, etc.)
Blanket Material (fleece, flannel, etc.)
*For a 30×75” scarf, get 2 square yards of fabric. Then you can cut in half for 2 scarves.
*For a 55”x55” scarf, get 1.75 square yards.

Step 1: Trim Away Selvage
Step 2: Pull Strands
Step 3: Secure Fringe

For Ways to Wear, Check Out:

Are you going to make this blanket scarf? What kind of tutorials do you want to see? Fill us in in the comments.


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