If you’re a loyal DIG fan, then you know that last week we posted a video on four cute ways to paint/decorate a pumpkin that don’t involve carving. No, this isn’t deja vu – we just had so much fun creating those four pumpkin designs that we couldn’t stop. We had to do more! This week’s array of pumpkins includes some glittery options, a really cute play on words, and our personal favorite, a ghost. These involve more than just paint, but the result is a bunch of seriously impressive pumpkins that will look perfect on your porch even after Halloween (well, some of them, anyway). Ready to get crafty with fall’s best produce? Watch the video to see more of Jamie’s pumpkin creations.

Paint and Paintbrush
Craft Glue

Which one of these pumpkin designs is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments!


4 Cute Ways To Paint A Pumpkin

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