Halloween might be a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spooky spirit right now – we definitely are! One of the best ways to get into an All Hallows Eve state of mind is to wear some creepy clothing. And sure, you could go out and drop some cash on one of the many Halloween-themed tops out there, but why do that when making your own is so easy? This week, Jamie shows us how to make a skeleton shirt three different ways. Because, honestly, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on something you’re probably only going to wear once or twice in October. These shirts look professional and awesome, but they’re so much easier to create than you might think. They’re so cute that you’ll want to wear them even when Halloween is over – and we totally support that. Ready to get a little spooky? Watch the video and start crafting.

Undershirt (optional… a cute bra/bandeau works too!)

Step 1: Outline Rib Shape
Step 2: Draw Horizontal Lines within shape
Step 3: Cut Lines
Step 4: Cut “Spine Circles” (optional)

Step 1: Cut Out Eyes
Step 2: Cut Out Nose
Step 3: Cut Out Teeth

Cut & Paste:
Cut: Simply cut skeleton bones/shapes out from the shirt
Paste: Adhere glow-in-the-dark vinyl or other fabric to shirt with iron/fabric glue

Are you going to make these shirts? Which one is your favorite? What crafts do you want to see us do? Tell us in the comments.


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