Off-the-shoulder tops have been one of the biggest trends of the last few months, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. There are so many brands that sell them, and those shirts are cute, of course, but we think we’ve found a better alternative to dropping your hard-earned cash on something brand new that anyone could wear: making your own off-the-shoulder top. This week, Jamie shows us how to take an old shirt we no longer wear or want to update and turn it into something stylish and trendy, like an OTS top. It’s much easier than you think it would be, and the results are definitely #OOTD worthy. Ready to save some money and get something really unique in the process? Watch the video now!

Long-sleeved Clothing
Bias Tape (matching fabric)
Sewing Pins
Needle & Thread (or fabric glue)
Elastic Band (3/4 inch)

Step 1: Cut Shirt Collar
Step 2: Attach Bias Tape
Step 3: Create Elastic Tunnel
Step 4: Insert Elastic Band

Are you going to try to make this shirt? What kind of DIY tutorial do you want to see? Let me know in the comments!

Do It, Gurl – DIY Chandelier

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