There’s something about marbling that causes anything marbled to look more chic and glamorous than it normally would. Unfortunately, marbled items also tend to be more expensive than plain items, and who really wants to spend their extra money on that? If you love the look of marbling but don’t want to pay more for it, then this video is for you. Jamie shows us the easiest DIY marbling technique that will let you decorate anything you want in whatever colors you choose. This craft is versatile, great for beginners, and so simple to put together that you’ll probably start to go a little marbling crazy… just a fair warning!

Marbling Object
Nail Polish (NOT quick-drying, and the newer the better!)
Marbling Container
Nail Polish Remover & Cotton Swabs (for clean up)
Invisible Sealer (for color preservation)

Step 1: Set Up Workstation
Step 2: Pour Nail Polish into Water
Step 3: Dip Marbling Object into Nail Polish

What are you going to marble? What craft do you want to see next? Share in the comments!


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