Who says every single craft project out there has to be about you creating something useful and helpful to your every day life? Not us! Crafting should be fun and sometimes silly, and that’s exactly what this project is. This week, Jamie shows us how to make something you’ve all been asking for: DIY slime. Yes, slime. Will it help you keep your room clean or get your homework done? No, but it WILL be super fun to play with whenever you’re bored, stressed, or just want to do something without having to put a ton of thought into it. Plus, it looks really pretty, especially if you follow her instructions at the end and make the rainbow slime (trust us).

5oz Clear Glue (Or White/Glitter Glue)
Food Coloring (Or Water Colors)
Warm Water
Mixing Bowls/Stirrers
Confetti, Glitter, etc.
Borax (or Dry/Liquid Starch)

Step 1: Make Slime Color Base (Mix Glue, Coloring & Glitter)
Step 2: Make Slime Thickening Agent (Mix Borax & Water)
Step 3: Mix Slime Color & Texture

Are you going to try to make your own slime? What kind of DIY project do you want to see? Let us know in the comments.


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