Arguably the worst thing about indulging in some sexy times is the looming possibility of getting pregnant that’s just hanging over your head (well, if you’re having sexy times with a dude, of course). Most of you aren’t ready for a baby just yet, and so we totally get the paranoia… but the thing is, there’s a lot of pregnancy myths out there that just aren’t true. These myths will freak you out, make you way more nervous than you need to be, and kind of ruin a time that’s supposed to be fun. So, if you’re worried about getting preggers, first stock up on some birth control so you’re covered in a more legit way. Then watch this video where Cheyenne discusses the biggest pregnancy myths out there – and busts them, which should make you feel a lot better. Good luck out there!

What’s the weirdest pregnancy myth you’ve ever heard? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.


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