Mother’s Day is only a few short weeks away, which means you have to show your mama some love with a present she’ll adore. Yeah, you could buy her a gift that a bunch of other girls will also buy their moms, but how is that special?! Make your gift super personal and sweet by creating it yourself. This week, Jamie shows you how to make a set of coasters and a matching mug to aid in your mom’s coffee or tea habit. Even better: she gives you several different options for both, meaning this can be totally unique depending on what you like best. Your mom is guaranteed to love it (we hope).

Supplies For Coasters:
Popsicle Sticks
Ruler & Writing Utensil
Hot Glue / Strong Super Glue
Decorators (Paint, Felt, Food Coloring, Washi / Duct Tape, etc.)

Supplies For Mugs:
Blank Coffee Mugs
Decorators (Markers, Paint, Washi/Duct Tape, etc.)

Steps For Coasters:
Step 1: Decorate Popsicle Sticks
Step 2: Glue Popsicle Sticks Together

Steps for Mugs:
Step 1: Decorate Your Mug

What did you think of this craft? Which one are you going to try? What kind of craft tutorial do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments.


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