Being in a loving, stable, happy relationship is considered the ultimate goal by many. And sure, there are plenty of amazing things about seriously dating someone: you have someone to hang with when you’re bored, you can cuddle a lot, you get to try food that isn’t yours when you go out to dinner, and you no longer need to attend boring functions by yourself. Plus, you know, you have a 24/7 hookup buddy! But while relationships can be great, they can also be kind of the worst. There are a lot of negative things about serious relationships that people don’t consider when they’re feeling single and lonely AF.

Our newest episode of Real Gurl Advice focuses on the not-so-great parts of dating someone, and the girls on our panel aren’t afraid to be totally honest. With a serious relationship comes a lot of commitment, compromise, and stress. There’s fighting and jealousy and the fact that you have to do things you don’t always want to do. Then there are the surprising reasons, like… well, I won’t spoil the video for you! Watch it now to find out the worst things about being in a relationship.

What do you think are the worst things about being in a relationship? What was your favorite part of the video? Let us know in the comments.


Real Gurl Advice: How To Get Better At Hooking Up

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