As Jamie mentions in the start of today’s video, perhaps you made macaroni crafts when you were little, but who is to say you can’t still get crafty with pasta now? In this latest episode of Do It, Gurl, Jamie is showing how to make DIY pasta jewelry! She has three awesome ideas for jewelry styles to create using pasta, but that’s not all – she also shares how you can dye pasta that you’re using for crafting in order to have a variety of colors to work with when making your jewelry. Watch the video above and find out how this DIY pasta jewelry is made!

Uncooked Pasta
Hot Glue/Strong Super Glue
Jump Rings

To Dye Pasta:
Food Coloring
Clear Vinegar
Plastic Bags

Step 0: Dye Pasta

The Simple String
Step 1: String Your Pasta

The Washing Board
Step 1: Glue Pasta Together
Step 2: String Top Pasta Noodle

The Statement Chevron
Step 1: Glue Pasta In Chevron Shape
Step 2: Create Foam Base
Step 3: Add Jump Ring & Chain

Are you going to make DIY pasta jewelry? What colors would you want to dye your pasta for crafting? What design do you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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