It takes a long time to feel totally comfortable hooking up with someone. The first time you do it isn’t the only time you’ll feel nervous – it could take weeks or even months before you feel comfortable being 100 percent yourself. These nerves come from one niggling anxious thought many of us have: are we even good at hooking up? And even if we’re good or okay, how do we get better at hooking up? 

Getting better at hooking up is easier said than done. It requires a whole lot of confidence, a comfort level that can sometimes only come with time, and, yes, some secret tricks that will make you, well, legendary in the hookup department. But while it may not be the easiest thing in the world to become a hookup pro, it’s also definitely not impossible. You can do it! Start by watching our latest Real Gurl Advice, where our panel of girls tells you what to do to become seriously impressive in the bedroom. Want to step up your hookup game? Watch and take notes, ladies! (And dudes too, honestly)

Which of these tips have you tried? What are your tips for becoming a hookup pro? Let us know in the comments!


Real Gurl Advice: The Best Things You Can Learn From Parents

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