Let’s be real: the first people you turn to for advice are not always your parents. Sure, you’ll go to them when you need financial help or if something very *mature* and *adult* comes up and you need their expertise. However, unless you are one of the few who has a truly open and honest relationship with your mom and dad, they most likely are not the first people you go to when you need help with dating, friends, weird body issues, and school stuff. But honestly, after watching this video on the best advice parents have given, maybe you should.

We had our panel of real girls discuss the best advice they’ve ever gotten from their parents, and it’s surprisingly awesome. These are girls just like you who don’t always get along with their parents and who don’t always want to listen to them – but even they can admit that there are some things they can learn from mom and dad. Whether you’re curious about what these parents had to say or you’re just looking for some really awesome life advice, check out the video now!

Which part of this video is your favorite? What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten from your parents? Let us know in the comments.


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