Spring has technically begun, but if the flowers outside haven’t started blooming near you just yet, no worries – today’s craft is here to still help you bring springtime style to your indoor room decor. In this episode of Do It, Gurl, Jamie is showing how to make a DIY flowerpot pen bouquet! She has the steps for how to decorate pens with fake flowers and then display them in a flowerpot so those writing utensils are both easily accessible and provide a pop of floral cheer for your desk! Watch the video above to find out how this pretty and practical craft is made.

Cutting Tool
Hot Glue / Strong Super Glue
Writing Utensil, any kind
Decorative Tape (floral/duct tape)
Fake Flowers

Step 1: Prep Flower Stem
Step 2: Attach Decorative Tape
Step 3: Add Flowerpot Filler

Are you going to make a bouquet of DIY flower pens to put in a flowerpot? Would you use another type of writing utensil? What kinds of fake flowers would you use? Tell us in the comments!

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