Okay, so you’ve found someone you’re totally into. You can’t stop thinking about them, talking about them, and dreaming about them. One problem: they, uh, might not know you exist. That sounds like a pretty big issue, but no worries – you can fix this girl! How do you get your crush to notice you when you’re sure they have no idea you’re interested? Our panel of real girls have all of the answers.

The good news is that getting your crush to notice you is easier than you think. The bad news? It might not be exactly what you’re ready to do. Our girls will guide you through the most simple ways to let your crush know you’re watching them. These tips are so simple that any girl can do them, even the shyest girls out there. And while we can’t guarantee what will happen afterwards, we can guarantee that you’ll feel better knowing you tried. Watch this video and make it happen with your crush!

How do you get your crushes to notice you? What did we forget to include? Let us know in the comments!


Real Gurl Advice: How To Reject Someone

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