While Jamie made a pillow recently on Do It, Gurl, today’s episode is more about how to jazz up a pillow that you may already have. In this video, she is showing how to make DIY button-down shirt pillowcases! Depending on if you’re looking to permanently or only temporarily alter your shirt for pillowcase making purposes, Jamie has the scoop on both ways to approach this DIY adventure.

With safety pins, you can create a quick fix to cover a pillow (while still keeping your shirt in one piece so it’s able to be worn again later) or if you want more of a sewing craft to totally upcycle that button-down shirt into a pillowcase, she presents that option, too. Watch the video tutorial above for both versions of how to make some pretty, personalized shirt pillowcases!

Button-Down Shirts
Safety Pins
Needle & Thread

Steps for “The Simple Stuff”
Step 1: Place in Pillow
Step 2: Safety Pin Shirt

Steps for “The Button Up”
Step 1: Trim Shirt
Step 2: Sew Pieces Together
Step 3: Insert Pillow

Are you going to make a DIY button-down shirt pillowcase? Which method would you want to try? Are there other room decor crafts you’d like Jamie to do? Tell us in the comments!

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