It can seem hard to find advice that doesn’t include the message of “be more confident!” It’s true that confidence is so important and can take people very far, but it’s also true that feeling great about yourself can be so tough… especially when everything is going wrong. It’s hard to be proud of yourself and feel self-assured when you feel like you can barely handle what’s going on! And someone saying, “You just need to be more confident!” is never going to help… actually, it will probably make you feel worse.

That said, you should try to be more confident when you’re feeling especially down in the dumps. Hear us out! Our panel of real, awesome girls shares their advice on how to raise your self-esteem even when it feels like nothing is going your way. It is possible, it’s just tough, but we believe in you. Watch the video to get all of their amazing words of wisdom.

How do you feel confident in yourself when it seems like everything sucks? Which piece of advice in the video was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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