Isn’t it wonderful how some crafts can allow you to get creative, but then also serve a very practical purpose in the end? Today’s craft on Do It, Gurl is a great example of that. In this episode, learn how to make a DIY hat organizer! With some gauge wire and a styrofoam ball, Jamie shows how you can create a hat holder to show off your headwear in a fabulous way. Make a few of these to each display one of your favorite hats, or try out Jamie’s second suggestion and follow the steps to make a hanging organizer. Watch the video tutorial above to see how they are both done!

Hot Glue or Strong Super Glue
String, Any Kind
Thick Gauge Wire
Needle Nose Pliers
Styrofoam Ball (6”)

Step 1: Create Wire Base
Step 2: Decorate Wire
Step 3: Connect Wire Together
Step 4: Decorate Styrofoam Ball
Step 5: Attach Ball to Wire

For Wall Hat Hanger:
Attach ribbon/string to hanger “bar.” Glue or attach clips. Voila!

Are you going to make a DIY hat organizer? Do you prefer the individual stands or the hanging version for multiple hats? Are there other organizer crafts you’d like to see Jamie do on the show? Tell us in the comments!

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