You may have seen fabric doilies used as a tabletop decoration, but through a little crafting magic, those flat doilies can be transformed into three-dimensional decorative objects. How exactly do you do it? Well, in this episode of Do It, Gurl, Jamie is showing how to make DIY fabric doily bowls and orbs! Whether you want a bowl to toss in jewelry or a fun orb to hang from the ceiling, with fabric doilies and some glue, you can create these adorable room decor additions. Watch the video tutorial above to learn how it’s done!

Fabric Doilies (not paper)
Craft Glue
Paintbrush / Foam Brush
Bowl & Plastic Wrap OR Balloon
Rubber Gloves (to keep hands clean)

Step 1: Set Up Base
Step 2: Apply Glue & Doily to Base
*Step 2.5: Wait 24-48 hours
Step 3: Remove Doily

Are you going to make a DIY doily bowl or orb? Are there other room decor crafts you’d like to see Jamie do? Tell us in the comments!

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