Trust is probably the most essential part of a relationship – unfortunately, it’s often also one of the most confusing things. Completely trusting the person you’re with means making yourself vulnerable, which is really scary. We’ve all heard the stories about girls who have trusted their significant others 100 percent, but then get hurt in the end, and no one wants that to happen to them! So how do you know if you can really trust the person you’re dating?

There may not be one answer to that question, but it definitely helps to hear the advice of others, even the stories that freak you out. Our panel of girls really opened up about their own trust issues and how they know they can trust someone – or how they know they definitely can’t trust someone. Learn from their mistakes, keep their words in the back of your mind, and then make your own decision. Good luck!

Do you have problems trusting the people you’re dating? What was your favorite piece of advice from the video? Let us know in the comments.


Real Gurl Advice: What You Need To Know Before You Come Out

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