As Jamie has shown in past episodes, cereal boxes make a great crafting material. She’s already made a pocket folder and a notebook out of cereal boxes, and now she’s here with another awesome DIY to turn that cereal box into something new and useful. In this episode of Do It, Gurl, Jamie is making DIY cereal box organizers!

Jamie’s tutorial doesn’t just show how to make only one organizer. She has the steps for three different versions of cereal box organizers to choose from, so you can find the one that best fits your organization needs and personal design preference. Watch the video above to learn how these fabulous DIY organizers are made!

Cutting Tool
Ruler & Writing Utensil
Adhesive, Any Kind
Decorative Material (Cardstock, Duct Tape, etc.)
Cereal Boxes (or any Cardboard Box)

Steps — “Three Amigos” Organizer aka “The Horizontal Organizer”
Step 1: Remove Top Tabs
Step 2: Attach Boxes Together
Step 3: Decorate Boxes

Steps — “Three Cheers for Three Tiers” aka “The Vertical Organizer”
Step 1: Remove Top Tabs
Step 2: Attach Boxes Together
Step 3: Cut Boxes at Angle
Step 4: Decorate Box

Steps — “The Magazine Holder”
Step 1: Remove Tabs
Step 2: Mark Magazine Dimensions
Step 3: Cut Magazine Dimensions
Step 4: Decorate Box

Do you have a favorite cereal box organizer our of the three designs? What materials would you use to decorate your organizer? Do you have other suggestions for crafts that epicycle cereal boxes? Tell us in the comments!

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