Jamie has done a number of sewing crafts in her day, like her fleece glittens and unicorn hoodie from this past fall. While sewing is totally great, sometimes it is nice to have a DIY that doesn’t require a needle and thread. Well, that’s exactly what Jamie has for today’s episode of Do It, Gurl. In this video, she is sharing a technique for how to make a no-sew fleece blanket with an awesome tassle trim!

She doesn’t just stop her crafting tutorial there though. Remember Jamie’s emoji pillow from a while back? Well, now she is showing how this no-sew method can even be used to create another emoji face pillow. So watch the video above to learn how to make a fleece blanket and pillow – no sewing required! – in order to add some cozy new accessories to your life.

Fleece (Your Height + 1 Foot for Length, 2 yards width [which is the store default])
Ruler & Writing Utensil
Pillow Filler

Step 1: Measure & Cut Fleece
Step 2: Layer Fabric
Step 3: Cut Corners
Step 4: Mark & Cut Fringe
Step 5: Tie Fringe Together

What did you think of this no-sew blanket and pillow technique? Are you going to make one? Are there other no-sew (or “yeah-sew”) crafts that you’d like to see Jamie try? Tell us in the comments!

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