The outdoors during the wintertime can sometimes be kind of bleak, with the long nights, freezing air, and as Jamie particularly mentions, the bare trees. Well, in this episode of Do It, Gurl, she has an idea for gathering up some of the lonely sticks lying around outside to turn them into lovely DIY twig decor this season!

Jamie has the details on how to make a twig frame, as well as three different styles of hanging decor in star, heart and snowflake shapes. With this room decor craft, even when it’s too cold to go outside, you can enjoy a bit of nature inside. Watch the tutorial above to see how this DIY twig decor is made!

Cutting Tool
Hot Glue / Strong Super Glue
String (Any Kind)
Protective Eyewear

Step 1: Cut Twigs Together
Step 2: Stack Twigs
Step 3: Bind Twigs

Options for Twig Centerpiece
-Stick Template (cut twigs and place on template)
-Stick Figure (cut twigs and create figure)
-Stick Figure Template (cut twigs to border template and fill in with random twigs)

Are you going to make DIY twig decor? Which method would you want to try first? What kind of design would you like to make? Tell us in the comments!

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