Last week on Do It, Gurl, Jamie showed how to make a DIY hair accessories organizer, and if you’re looking to now move on to a new organization project, Jamie is ready with another idea. In this episode, she shares how dishes that are not longer being used for the dinner table can take on a new life as a DIY tiered jewelry stand! Watch the video above as Jamie explains the steps to make one of these stylish stacks to store and show off your bracelets, necklaces, rings and more!

Hot Glue / Strong Super Glue
Dishware, Any Kind (Cups, Bowls, Plates, etc)
“Pillar” (Sturdy Object–glass, candlestick, wood, etc)

Step 1: Glue Pillar to Base
Step 2: Glue Second Layer to Pillar (Recommend Smaller 2nd Layer)
Step 3: Glue Additional Layers (Decreasing in size)

Are you going to make a DIY tiered jewelry stand? What kinds of dishware would you use for your stand? Are there other styles of jewelry holders and organizers that you would like to see Jamie make? Tell us in the comments!

Learn how to make a DIY hair accessories organizer!


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