Flirting with someone you like is one of those things that looks and seems so simple – a little hair flip here, some giggling there, throw in a bit of arm grazing, and you’re on your way to a first date… right? Uh, kind of. As any slightly awkward, shy, or confused girl knows, flirting with your crush is so much harder than it looks. Being in front of the person you like makes you feel tongue-tied and nervous, and suddenly you have no idea how to charm their pants off… literally, you want their pants off.

That’s why we’re excited for you all to watch our newest Real Gurl Advice video on how to flirt. Our panel of girls gives real advice on how to successfully interact with the person you like. Seeing these tips acted out in person is so much more helpful than just reading about them. This funny, quirky advice actually does work, and anyone can pull them off. Ready to snag your crush? Watch the video now!

What’s your best flirting advice? What was your favorite part of the video? Let us know in the comments! 

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