With the start of a new year, it can be an ideal time to take the opportunity to improve your organization game. If – like Jamie – you find your hair ties and bobby pins are always strewn about (and generally not in the place you want them to be when you need them), this organizer craft is here to help in 2016.

In this episode of Do It, Gurl, Jamie is showing how to make a DIY hair accessories organizer from a paper roll! She has the helpful steps for how to create a home for those hair accessories that always seem to get lost in order to keep them in one place, plus she has great suggestions for both some functional and decorative flourishes you can add when making your version of the craft. Watch the video above to check out this organizer tutorial!

Ruler & Writing Utensil
Decorative Material (Cardstock, Ribbon, Duct Tape, etc.)
Decorative Filler (Rice, beads, etc)
Plastic Bags / Wrapping
Adhesive (Craft Glue, Double-Sided Tape, etc)
“Cylindrical Base” (Paper roll, food container, etc.)

Step 1: Decorate Cylinder
Step 2: Add Side Straps
Step 3: Add Filler

Are you going to make a DIY hair accessories organizer? How would you decorate your organizer? What other tips do you have for keeping track of hair ties and bobby pins? Tell us in the comments!

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