Hooking up with someone you’re crushing on is fun. What’s not fun is feeling nervous, intimidated, and self-conscious the entire time. Unfortunately, feeling unsure of yourself when getting nakey with someone is super common, and turning those feelings of self-doubt off is really hard. We all know that confidence is a huge turn-on, and something that we’re all supposed to aspire to. But how can you actually be more confident when hooking up with someone? What advice is there besides “fake it till you make it?”

We know how much of a struggle this can be, which is why we talked to our favorite panel of girls about confidence tips that actually work. Our ladies from Real Gurl Advice dish on what makes them feel good during a hot and heavy makeout sesh, as well as how they learned to feel more confident in themselves. Listen to what they have to say, practice, and we bet you’ll find yourself feeling amazing (in many ways) the next time you’re enjoying alone time with your crush. We’re here for you, girl!


How Do You Know If Your Crush Likes You Back? 

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