Watching this video will probably cause you to reconsider how you react when any guy tries to approach you.

And trust me, I don’t mean the creepy, stalkerish guys who whistle, cat-call and ogle you from a distance. I’m actually talking about the ones who are genuinely kind and respectful, or the ones who can strike up an interesting conversation with you.

I’ve realized that we spend a lot of time discussing how women are victims of unwanted advances and street harassment (which is definitely an important issue to discuss, don’t get me wrong) that we completely forget how much harder it is for guys to actually approach a girl. I mean, guys have feelings too, and going up to someone that they like means that they’re risking rejection and a bruised ego. Plus, the fact that most girls are so quick to reject guys only puts more pressure on them.

But regardless of how you stand on this topic, you seriously need to check out this short film (done by Sasha Daygame) to see exactly why it’s so hard for guys to approach a girl that they like.

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