Having a crush is exciting, fun, and makes life a little more special – but there’s a reason we call this a “crush.” The worst thing about liking someone as more than a friend is definitely the back and forth you go through when trying to figure out if they feel the same way. How do you know if your crush likes you back? How do you know if they’re just talking to you to be nice, or if they really, really want to talk to you? How are you supposed to tell if they’re a player who will flirt with anyone, or if they are saving all of their affection for you?

The most obvious way to find out if your crush likes you is to ask them if they do. But, let’s be real, who is going to do that? Getting up the nerve to walk up to your crush and ask if they’re crushing back is incredibly difficult. Sometimes, it helps to just talk to someone else about it. Maybe your friend notices something that you didn’t!

While our Real Gurl Advice panel of girls may not be your friends IRL, they are kind of your friends in spirit. These girls know how to tell if someone likes likes you, or if they’re really not interested – trust us. So, if you’re wondering how your crush feels, watch this video right now and your questions will be answered. You’re welcome!

Real Gurl Advice: How To Find A Bra That Fits

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  • rhea

    hi, this is me not enjoying my life especially my love life. it all goes like this. I have crush on this in my class but he has a girlfriend already. but I feel he likes me too because he sometimes stare at me like something and he also tries to impress me which is cute. but he so attached to his girlfriend and I don’t know what to do. so I hope you have some suggestion for this matter

  • Linda

    OK so I’m 16 but I have this crush….(this is embarrassing?) I haven’t talked to him or anything so far but I talked to my friends about it, he sounds like he likes me but the hard part is I can’t talk to him I’m too shy. My friends say I should give it a step further but I don’t know I tried (giving him a letter,friend requested him on Facebook )-?
    He drives me crazy he’s just so cute to me I don’t know what to do?
    Ok I’m not the best trying to get the guy I like but I seriously need help like what should I do? What if he’s waiting for me to take it a step further….. Is there some tips you girls out there could give plz….???