GUYS!!! Excuse the caps and the exclamation marks, but we are so, so excited to introduce our newest video series: Real Gurl Advice. We’re incredibly proud to bring you a series that offers (clearly) real advice from young women who are just like you. Every Friday at 5 PM EST, we’re going to bringing you a new and exciting episode that focuses on advice on any topic ranging from sex to relationships to periods to bras. 

Real Gurl Advice features a group of truly amazing young women who aren’t afraid to talk about anything – and when we say anything, we mean anything. These girls deliver the truth bombs you need to hear, while also giving you frank and genuine advice that your friends or family members might be hesitant to tell you. They’ve been through this stuff recently, or currently, and they know what they’re talking about! Plus, they’re so damn cool that you’ll want to be best friends with every single one of them.

Our first episode of Real Gurl Advice is called “What We Wish We Knew Before Having Sex.” Virgins, sex newbies, and even sex experts will benefit from this advice, which is also pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh. If you’re looking for real answers to your real questions, look no further. This video touches upon how common it is to not have an orgasm during your first time to whether or not it actually hurts.

Got a question you want an answer to? Leave us a comment with what topic you want our panel to talk about, on the site or on our YouTube page. And please tell us what you think of the video!


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