It’s getting chilly out there, so today’s craft is intended to help with your efforts to stay warm as we head into winter. In terms of DIY winter accessories, Jamie previously showed how to upcycle a hat from a sweater, and now today’s episode of Do It, Gurl is about keeping your fingers toasty as she’s sharing how to make DIY fleece “glittens”!

These accessories are an awesome gloves and mittens combo, where you can pin back the glove part to show a mitten style for your individual fingers. As a bonus, the top of each glove finger is exposed for texting or grabbing items. Watch the video above as she demonstrates how to make these DIY glittens in a fun fleece fabric!

Ruler & Writing Utensil
Needle & Thread
Thin, Elastic Band
Two Buttons
1/2 Yard Fleece Fabric

Step 1: Create Glove Template
Step 2: Make Glove Pieces
Step 3 Sew Glove Pieces
Step 4: Create Mitten Tops
Step 5: Sew Mitten Pieces
Step 6: Attach Mitten Top
Step 7: Attach Button

Are you going to make your own glittens? What color or pattern of fabric would you want to use? Are there other DIY fashion ideas that you’d like to see Jamie try? Tell us in the comments!

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