Last week, Jamie shared an upcycled fashion DIY idea to create necktie jewelry, and today she is back with another way to create an accessory by upcycling something you may already have in your closet. In this episode of Do It, Gurl, she’s showing 3 ways to make infinity scarves from old T-shirts.

Whether you want to create a DIY scarf with strands, or one with strands and a braid, or one with strands, braids and twists, Jamie is sharing tutorials for all three versions in this video. Watch above to learn how to make this great accessory for the fall season – and hey, if you’re looking to make even more upcycled T-shirt accessories, follow it up by checking out the episode where Jamie made a braided belt and headband. DIY fashion for days!

Needle & Thread or Hot Glue

Stretchy Stranded Scarf:
Step 1: Cut Strips
Step 2: Stretch & Curl Strips
Step 3: Bind Loops Together

Braided Stretchy Stranded Scarf:
Step 0: Start with Stretchy Stranded Scarf
Step 1: Measure & Cut 1/3 of Fabric
Step 2: Braid & Bind 1/3 of Fabric
Step 3: Attach Fabric Ends Together

Intricate Infinity Scarf:
Repeat Steps 1 & 2 from Stretchy Stranded Scarf
Step 3: Manipulate Loops & Strands
Step 4: Weave Together Strands
Step 5: Connect Strand Ends Together

Are you going to make a DIY infinity scarf? Which of the 3 designs would you like to make? Are there other DIY fashion ideas that you’d like to see Jamie try? Tell us in the comments!

Learn how to upcycle a necktie into DIY jewelry!


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