If you’ve been following this series, then you know Cheyenne has been known to discuss a bunch of crazy interesting facts – whether they are about sperm or love or condoms or bisexuality. Seriously, that’s a lot of crazy interesting facts – and today she is sharing even more. In this episode, Cheyenne is chatting about 5 crazy interesting facts about sex, with topics ranging from the average age people lose their virginity to why it can be hard to pee after having sex.

In addition to the list of facts, as Cheyenne mentions this is actually the last episode in this particular video series, but you can always find more information on these topics here at Gurl in our Health, Sex & Relationships section. Plus, see the link below where you can subscribe to the Gurl YouTube channel to catch any new videos in the mean time!

Did you learn anything new from this list of facts? What other video series would you like to see on Gurl? Tell us in the comments!

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