Cheyenne provided a lot of interesting info in her episode about 7 things you never knew about kissing, but today’s video is about a very specific topic in kissing: the first kiss. Thinking about a first kiss can be exciting… but also kind of nerve-racking. To help calm any worries you might have about “messing up” a first kiss, Cheyenne is ready to dish on 7 major mistakes you’ll make on your first kiss. Not only does she have a few pointers on how to avoid a some common awkward kiss occurrences, Cheyenne also provides a helpful reminder that even with your best efforts, mistakes may ensue on your first kiss – and that’s honestly nothing to stress about! Watch the video above for some first kiss advice.

What did you think about this list of first kiss mistakes? Did you find Cheyenne’s advice helpful? What other topics would you like to see featured in this “Health, Sex and Relationships” video series? Tell us in the comments!

7 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Bikini Wax


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