Duct tape has made numerous appearances on Do It, Gurl, as it’s been used to make a tote bag, a wallet clutch and more awesome crafts. Jamie is now here to share another duct tape DIY, one that is perfect for the back to school season – a duct tape lunch bag! This adorable, portable lunch bag is just the latest duct tape creation that Jamie is showing how to make, and this episode details the steps and other materials you’ll need to make your own. Watch the video to see how this DIY is done – plus get a special appearance from Jamie’s superhero alter-ego, “Duct Tape Girl” which is not to be missed.

Duct Tape
Ruler & Writing Utensil
Scissors and/or Cutting Tool & Mat
Closure (Snap Buttons, Velcro, etc.)

Step 1: Create Main Panel
Step 2: Add Bag Closures
Step 3: Create Side Panels
Step 4: Attach Side Panels
Step 5: Attach Panels Together
Step 6: Decorate Lunch Bag

Are you going to make a duct tape lunch bag? How would you decorate it? What other kinds of duct tape DIYs would you like to see Jamie do? Tell us in the comments!

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