Hey, did you know that Taylor Swift has lots of friends? It’s true, believe it or not. We know this because Taylor likes to summon them  on stage with her during her shows for a song or two, just in case you weren’t really sure about the eternal bonds of friendship that she has with every single (famous) female on the planet.

While it is true it is true that 1989 will never not be a banger (I listen to “Blank Space” every day on my way to work, which means that I am a well-adjusted individual), this weekend, Taylor’s friendship-trumpeting obsession reached a slightly nauseating fever pitch when she wrangled Julia Roberts (okay) and Joan Baez (???) up on stage at her concert in Santa Clara. Writer Lara Marie Schoenals was in the audience and found this to be slightly suspect as well. So, she made this video imagining who, exactly, Taylor  Swift might bring up at her next concert. Whaddaya think of that, LA?

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