While nobody really wants to think about experiencing it, having a cheating significant other is unfortunately something that does happen to people. Considering that, while you don’t want suspicions to consume you, it can be good to at least know what kind of things to be on the lookout for that could indicate that your special someone might be seeing someone else. In this episode, Cheyenne is here to share 7 signs your boyfriend might be cheating on you.

While things on this list don’t 100% guarantee he’s a cheater and they might be attributed to something else going on, as Cheyenne points out, they are at least some things you may want to have a conversation about if you find you are experiencing these situations on the list. Watch the video above as Cheyenne elaborates on some possible cheating signs.

What did you think of this list of possible signs of cheating? Are there other things that you think could be signs that your significant other is cheating? What other topics would you like to see featured in this “Health, Sex and Relationships” video series? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Adriana

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years now. He’s been faithful all this time. But just yesterday I was snooping on his phone and saw a screen shot picture in his photos of a conversation between him and this girl in his class. He messaged her asking “where are you” bc I guess she left class and she said “fixing my boob” and he said “ooooooo lol, well ur not missing anything important at the moment” when I saw that I was so infuriated bc he didn’t tell me about this and he told me he doesn’t talk to ANY girls in his classes or have their numbers. Should I be concerned as to why he cares if this random girl left his class during break? And should I be concerned as to why she would say to him “I’m fixing my boob” ???? Cause I personally wouldn’t care if someone in my class got up and left the room. And I find it odd that he would care enough to message her asking where she is and I find it odd how she responded. Please help 🙁 I need input